Wideo Wednesday — Tiny Trekkie Review’s “Mirror, Mirror”

If this isn’t the cutest Star Trek review I’ve ever seen, I’ll eat my IDIC!

Little Sarai  has done several of these reviews, and they’re just adorable. Here she reviews Mirror Mirror alongside her Woody Mirror Spock doll! She mimics the actors perfectly; especially “Spock, you traitorous pig!”  You can see more of her reviews here.  Be sure to watch here one of “The Pizza Monster” too!

Live long and Prosper,Sweetheart! Here begins a lifetime love affair!

One thought on “Wideo Wednesday — Tiny Trekkie Review’s “Mirror, Mirror”

  1. Good job Little One. You have shown someone that you love them very much. I hope they know and never forget that. Again,,, “Outstanding!!!!”

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