My Weekly Spock — At Home with Nimoy

A little shout out to my  pals at Facebook for linking me to this great picture and article about Mr. Nimoy’s home in Bel Air.  An interesting place, definitely, although more museum-ish than cozy. I’d like to know the story behind what appears to be a burned out cello behind him.  I love the tea house!


You can see the full article here.


5 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock — At Home with Nimoy

  1. I thought the tea house was funny. Most of us make do with a yoga mat. I wonder how they accommodate a dog in that house. How do they cope with the paw prints on the polished wood floors?

  2. I thought it was interesting that this article about Mr. Nimoy’s house appeared so soon after Shatner signed up for a reality TV show about remodeling HIS house. Was that a coincidence, or are these two competing with each other?

    Therese, I think the burned-out cello must be one of the many pieces of art. Mr. Nimoy mentioned his interior decorator on Twitter, so I guess he had help placing all the art. Personally, I’d rather have a home that reflects ME and not some interior decorator. Whatever. As long as he and Susan are both happy. 🙂

    • I completely capisce with you about a home reflecting yourself rather than an interior decorators! I was recently visiting at a very expensive home where the owner said the only thing they picked out was the rug! A home needs a soul, and a bit of a mess! Too much perfection to me comes off as pretty but just not really reflective of the owner. I doubt very much his entire home is this magazine perfect!
      However, in seeing the art around Mr. Nimoy’s home, there is some interesting art which makes one reflective; and I bet that’s the point! I love the blue and white vases behind him. The burnt out cello somehow makes me think of the Holocaust, it’s very sad.
      All I know is, if the Nimoy’s invited me for tea, I’d be there in a nanosecond!

  3. We’ve seen many pix of what his previous homes looked like, and they certainly weren’t like this. I’m pretty sure this is all Susan’s doing! She’s the one who got them started on the art collecting, and they said they remodelled the house to be able to display the art. So basically, she’s turned the home into an art gallery. And since she’s the object of his worship, it’s win-win! I still wonder about the dog. On the furniture. And those floors….

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