My Weekly Spock – Pretty Handy

Creative people always use their hands a lot in conversations and Mr. Nimoy is no exception. I noticed he used his hands a lot when I saw him in person last June,  and as I am half-Italian, I can always appreciate that type of expressiveness in a person!  I’ll never forget him throwing out the Vulcan salute as he got into his cab that day with a big smile on his face (sorry I didn’t catch it in a picture). Here’s some ‘handy’ pics. 😉

A murderous hand? Eeek!

A murderous hand? Eeek!

00677u NIMOY

Explaining the Vulcan Greeting to De Kelley (during the filming of ‘Spectre of the Gun’)


Paris explains a magic trick


Making a point in the 1970’s


His most famous hand trick (1970’s)


Ever his trademark

IMG_5842 copy

Discussing “Vincent” June 15, 2013 (Photo by me, Therese Bohn, 2013)

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  1. I’ve never seen that behind the scenes pic above. Thank you! And he has quite simply the best hands in the world:-)

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