My Weekly Spock: Singing Nimoy

There was a strange compulsion in the era of 60s and 70s AM radio to make singing stars out of celebrities not known for singing.  Richard Chamberlain, Noel Harrison, William Shatner,Telly Savalas and of course, Leonard Nimoy, all fell into this camp. (Chamberlain actually wasn’t too bad).   I never became aware of Nimoy’s vocal contributions until I joined the LNAF in the 1970’s, and I remember actually buying a couple of his albums for fun.  Yet I couldn’t actually bring myself to listen to them.  Rhino Records compiled many of these recordings into their “Golden Throats” collection; it’s the type of stuff you’d hear on NPR’s Annoying Music Show.

Now to be fair, Nimoy did do a few musicals in the 70’s (Camelot, The King and I, and My Fair Lady) but alas, I’d rather hear his speaking voice on vinyl!  Here’s some covers:

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