The Daily Scrapbook:7/11/13–December 1979– George Takei Comes to my Community College!

Here’s today’s flashback:  From December of 1979, a poster I snatched from the halls of Broome Community College to nab the signature of visiting George Takei!   George was promoting the new Trek Movie, and as I recall, the college gymnasium got pretty full!   I still have an old audio cassette of George’s talk somewhere, and when I find and figure out how to convert it I’ll definitely post it here.   I recall George talking about director Robert Wise, and trying to recall some of the pictures Wise had directed.  Being the seasoned old movie know-it-all at the tender age of 18 as I was, I remember listing them out loud to Mr. Takei, (just to help, you know!) “Sound of Music, West Side Story, The Day the Earth Stood Still…”  (Man, what a wise-ass big mouth I was!)  Ah well, just chalk it up to my fan girl tendencies at the time.  George was as effervescent and delightful as usual, and it was a joy to see him. (love his smile!) I do remember having a camera (for once) at this particular event, but don’t know if I have the one picture I took of him signing autographs!  Note how the designer of the poster clumsily (or intentionally?) added the picture of the Enterprise completely upside down!

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