Today’s Toon: “Ear-itant”

Hey kids, I’m a little late with a toon this week (and I can’t think of new ones every week) but I hope this is worth the wait! Click on comic for full size — Enjoy, Therese


4 thoughts on “Today’s Toon: “Ear-itant”

  1. That was absolutely delicious! I need to share it. Loved the ‘chick magnet’ bit, with Chapel simpering behind his back:-)

  2. Very funny! I’ve often wondered if Spock can move his ears,i.e. together or one at a time? I’ve always been able to do this. I can move mine a thousand times in any half hour;years ago I applied to the Guinness Book of World Records about performing this feat,but they told me it was not suitable, which i considered most illogical! llap.

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