My Weekly Spock 3/18/13 Telephone Time.

Remember  Telephones? Real Telephones? I’m not talking about those mini TV’s that everyone carries around in their back pockets that can be easily butt-dialed.   I mean an old-fashioned land line, with a receiver attached to a cradle with a coil! As analog technology becomes more and more obsolete I sometimes find myself nostalgic for big ol’ clunky land lines. And rotary dials.  Another think I liked about old phones was that there was sufficient room between the ear and mouth piece, the hand set fit comfortably in ones hand, and the audio was pretty darn good!  (And for all of you wondering where the ‘pillow talk’ picture came from, I have no idea!)

Well, Hello!


3 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock 3/18/13 Telephone Time.

  1. The “pillow talk” pic was from The Lieutenant, the show that brought him to the attention of Roddenberry.

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