The Daily Scrapbook 3/7/13 — July 11.1978, ‘A Galaxy of Gastronomic Goodies’

Here’s today’s flashback:  From July 11, 1978 “Star Trek: A Galaxy of Gastronomic Goodies”.   These excerpts from a Star Trek cookbook were posted in our weekly Food section. Mind you, this was in the dark pre-internet days when our two local newspapers had money and space to print entire sections dedicated to frivolous things like Food, and Lifestyle, something never done anymore. (they’re lucky to still have a small Sunday berth).  And someone in the culinary field figured out how to make a quick buck by slapping the Star Trek name on not-too-other worldly dishes.  Entitled The Official Star Trek Cooking Manual,  the authors claim that the recipes were written by Nurse Chapel herself, and creates Vulcan and Klingon delicacies, as well as some uniform- expanding corn pudding for Captain Kirk.  Since many newspapers were owned by Gannet, a similar article appeared in my Aunt’s New Jersey Food section for Romulan Cookies that she sent me around the same time, added below. Although cleverly created, I wonder if some of these don’t make a good case for food replicators –Fruit and Meat Soup?  😛 V2-010 complete V2-010 Romulan recipe

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