The Daily Scrapbook 1/31/13–Feb 19, 1978 Actors, Script ready for Star Trek

Okay kids, finally getting back into my Scrapbook groove!

Here’s today’s flashback:   From February 19, 1978.  You see, the very same night that Leonard Nimoy was appearing in Elmira, NY, The Great Bird of the Galaxy, Gene Roddenberry, was appearing in my own backyard in Binghamton NY!  Had they appeared on different nights, I surely would have gone to both, but obviously, Nimoy beat out Roddenberry, and besides, I had seen Gene already in Rochester!    Here’s a review of the lecture from our local Sunday Press, I remember how I used to envy Gene Grey, our local entertainment reporter for always getting to see and talk to the big acts that came into town. He was a great reviewer, and years later (in 1996) I actually ended up sitting next to  Mr. Grey at a Monkee’s reunion concert!  Here’s his take on that other Gene.  And an extra little tidbit reminding fans that Gene would be in town.

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2 thoughts on “The Daily Scrapbook 1/31/13–Feb 19, 1978 Actors, Script ready for Star Trek

  1. I saw Roddenberry speak at the Arena in Binghamton in 1978. I was 14 years old and was Star Trek crazy and I loved it! I remember Roddenberry talking and showing photos of Enterprise sets being built, a costume contest, and a screening of a black and white copy of The Cage. There wasn’t much to it really, but it was pure magic. My dad didn’t seem to agree, however, I remember him snoring.

  2. That’s great billeggler! I later saw Gene Roddenberry when he came to Rochester NY the same year! It was a good show, and I remember seeing the black and white version too! Your Dad just must have been tired! Thanks for sharing! -Therese

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