The Daily Scrapbook 10/15/12 – Article from the old Sun-Bulletin tabloid

Here’s today’s flashback:  November  12, 1976, from our local daily tabloid The Sun-Bulletin (which was later merged with The Binghamton Evening Press — yeah, we used to get two daily local papers, how times have changed!)  Now, we didn’t get the Sun-Bulletin at our house, but the neighbors did, and when I got the chance, I’d either bike down to the local drugstore and check the dailies or sometimes take papers from my neighbor’s trash on Sunday nights (but only if they were on top); I’m pretty sure I bought this one, but Dear Lord, is it any wonder I never had a date in High School?  What a goofball!

Anyway, at this point, the talks are heating up about a new Star Trek, and Nimoy ‘reveling’ in his Trek association.  But with all this hype, it would still be three years until an actual movie was released.  I remember wondering why, when my paper ever posted articles on Trek that they always used promo stills from the earliest episodes of the series, often with Kirk or Spock in their all gold uniforms.  I didn’t realize then that papers have a deadline and stock photos are just the ticket for these types of articles.  And speaking of paper management, note that this was the ‘lifestyle’ section, a section that used to be in both daily papers every day, but these days you only get it on weekends.  Will we even have newspapers 5 or 10 years from now?  We can only wonder.

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