The Daily Scrapbook 10/4/12

Today’s flashback — the first stirrings of a Star Trek movie!   But this was the beginning of a very long and frustrating time for fans and Hollywood in regard to Trek.  The movie was on again/off again, then it was going to be a new series on a new network and then … oh forget it!  But this news was exciting nonetheless, and many fans like me wanted Trek back exactly as it had been when canceled.  Little did we realize it would become something called a ‘franchise’.

I just noticed that Kirk’s face looks a bit faded in the center — I think I must have imprinted the picture on some Silly Putty at the time and stretched it out!

On the lower left is a little blurb about the PBS series Theater in America showing of  Year of the Dragon, starring George Takei.  I remember staying up to watch that — it was pretty good. Glad George was getting some work outside of conventions.

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