Poster # 25 — This Side of Paradise

I haven’t had time to make one of these since March, but I hope to finish Season One by the end of summer!  One of my favorite episodes of all time.  Jill Ireland was so lovely, and the goodbye scene between Spock and Leila was so heartbreaking, yet tender.  Ireland is  missed, Kudos to Nimoy for keeping it real.

4 thoughts on “Poster # 25 — This Side of Paradise

  1. This is so good. I love the way it works round from the sceptical glare, through the spores effects to the kiss. The ending of TSOP where Spock says goodbye to Leila gets me every single time, all those decades later! I think it was one of the finest pieces of acting I’ve seen him do.

  2. Maybe I’ll tweet this one to Nimoy. He won’t respond, of course, but if he sees it, I think he’d like it too. Thanks, and I had fun making this. I always try to include the title in the tagline, and this worked out nicely.
    btw, my 93 members? well, 80 of them were automatically derived from my Facebook page! So in reality I only have 13 followers. B ut the #’s don’t matter to me; I’m just having fun!

  3. Oh bleurch! Never mind, I’m still here 🙂 and I know someone who got a tweet back from him. It’s just a matter of timing really

  4. “Bleurch!” lol!
    I think he’s got @ 3000 followers so maybe sooner or later I might hear something, but it’s no big deal either way!

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