My Daily Spock 5/21/12 (Last 2 Weeks!)

Hey Kids,  Did you know I’ve posted 80 Daily Spocks already?  (actually 81 with one duplicate) and a total of 98 pictures so far?

I’m aiming for a total of 100 Daily Spock posts, and then will ease them off to once a week (My Weekly Spock) — Hey– I’m a busy Mom! (and stressed between writing for 2 blogs)  But I’m asking my 11 subscribers — What day of the week would be better Monday or Friday?  Let me know! Until then 2 more weeks of Daily Spock with a grand finale on June 1!

So you won’t be too disappointed, it’s Nekked Nimoy Week. Enjoy this still from Seahunt.    And you can always check the Daily Spock Archives for your fix!

5 thoughts on “My Daily Spock 5/21/12 (Last 2 Weeks!)

  1. I’m damn sure I’m not the only one reading your blog, but I like to comment for encouragement! You deserve it 🙂

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