My Daily Spock 5/8/12

Faux-Stache!  Funny appearance on The Mike Douglas Show in 1973! Wish I could find a video of this!

7 responses to “My Daily Spock 5/8/12

  1. Sadly, I imagine his ‘romantic French accent’ was none too authentic either, knowing his hit or miss abilities with accents 😦


  2. Actually, when I met Mr. Nimoy in 1978, he pronounced my name in its French pronucniation, (Teh-Rez) and it was music to my ears!


  3. I’m really pleased to hear that! That’s lovely to hear. And, meeting him in 1978? SERIOUS ENVY!!! Where and how?


    • I will tell this story in full eventually. In fact, I just came across my original hand written (and very excited) journal entry of this event, which I will post here sometime soon, probably after June (the end of the school year is very busy). Glad I wrote it then, because it reminded me of that wonderful event. I will tell you this much; It was on February 18, 1978, in Elmira NY at the Clemmons Center, and the show was called “An Evening with Leonard Nimoy”. He gave a wonderful lecture and although I had forgotten my camera (dammit!) a kind fan sent me three pictures from the event a week later. Bless her. And yes, the pictures will be part of the post. Stay Tuned.


  4. Look forward to that!


  5. Anyone know where I can obtain a copy of this episode? I vaguely remember seeing it when it was first aired.


    • James I wish I knew! I don’t know if any Mike Douglas episodes are archived. I saw a different one with Nimoy and Mason Reese on YouTube See it here


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