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My Daily Spock 2/23/12

A nice set shot.

My Daily Spock 2/22/12

What a shame this wasn’t made into a TV series, it would have been fun. Great suspense!

My Daily Spock 2/21/2012

Side Swept Spock! So Young and Innocent!  How could he have ever known in 1964 (when this was filmed) that it would affect the rest of his life? I wonder if he’s ever gone a whole day since 1969 without hearing the words “STAR TREK”  ( I really hope so!) Bless him.

My Daily Spock 2/20/2012

Wouldn’t he make a great President?

A Belated Valentine for You!

Behold the Ultimate Star Trek Valentine!

One thing I’ve noticed about TOS in all these years was that it was just jam-packed with romance.  Not just Kirk and his sweetie of the week, but the love between many different characters, romantic, platonic,bromance, maternal, and  sentimental.  I’ve tried to capture all these loves, and just some plain silly notions too, (Carol Burnett???)  and of course, the real-life friendship of Bill, Leonard, and De. I wish you all the nerd love in the world! Be sure to zoom in so you can see everyone.   Thanks for enjoying my site, Therese

My Daily Spock 2/17/2012

Sex. On. A. Stick.

I’d like to thank the writer of “Patterns Of Force” (John Meredyth Lucas)  for finally letting Spock show a little beefcake.  (And very lean beef at that.)  Happy Friday, Everyone. Until Monday.

My Daily Spock 2/16/2012

Supreme jawline.