“Local mom reveals $5 trick to erase wrinkles…” Just Become An Orion???

Now, I refuse to read any of these ridiculous side ads that seem to have found an amazing amount of  ‘Moms’ in my ‘local’ area who all have found ‘miraculous $5 tricks’ to erase the lines of time.

But I admit, a long time ago, I did once open an ad for the ‘strange simple secret’ to lose belly fat.  It led to page upon page upon page promising that you’d read this secret soon, and that it was ‘so simple’ that you wouldn’t believe it!  Well, I was a good 40+ pages in and it still kept promising the ‘secret’ would really work, but I closed the ad because I just didn’t care, and by the time I had the ‘answer’ I probably could have walked around the block 3 or 4 times!

But back to this ‘local Mom’.   You know, these ads  always feature the face of a woman who has never had wrinkles, or worse, the picture  where a bar sweeps back and  forth over a gruesomely photo-shopped wrinkly face, transforming it into an immaculately smooth face. (shudder!) Yet today, the latest picture I’ve seen for these annoying ads caught my eye.  Here it is, slightly enlarged:



Oka-a-a-y.  So I guess this means to lose my  wrinkles I only have to become a green Orion Slave Girl?  Hmm.   Maybe it works? Look, here’s Susan Oliver getting the same treatment in 1964! 😉

Well, I never found out what the $5 trick was, and although I’m sure that green makeup hides the wrinkles,  I’ll leave the application to the descendants of Fred Phillips!

4 thoughts on ““Local mom reveals $5 trick to erase wrinkles…” Just Become An Orion???

  1. I jogged over from Sci-Fi Fanatic‘s blog (who’s a good friend of mine) to check out your site. Very cool. Taking a quick look see shows you have some great content that I’d enjoy reading. I plan on coming back.

    BTW, Susan Oliver as the Green Orion Slave girl from ST:TOS remains one of my greatest kid memories (I’m old enough to have seen the ep first-run ;-). Thanks, Therese.

  2. I’m soo glad that I was NOT the ONLY person that was tempted to order the trial for the $5 trick for a wrinkle free face especially considering that the article said that this ‘Mary’ person was from my area of the World (Eustis, FL)……Until….I happened to come across ‘another’ article on a different website that referred to this lady by a completely different name and claimed that she used 2 totally different wrinkle repair creme’s by an entirely different Company! That’s when I got suspicious and did a search on yahoo for the *a mom’s $5 trick to erase wrinkles* and ‘Surprise, Surprise’, I was able to pull-up atleast TEN different articles …..all stating the same thing about this SAME mom of three…..and ALL of the articles listed this woman by a different name and EVERY article named 2 different wrinkle creme/lotion companies! WOW!!! What a load of garbage and I really hope that they haven’t fooled A LOT of people with this garbage but unfortunately, I’m sure they have!!
    Thanks for letting me ‘Vent’!! Pebbles in Mount Dora, FL

  3. Oh yeah, Pebbles, it’s all a scam! Unfortunately, there’s a sucker born every minute!Glad you didn’t pursue it. I just use a little moisturizer with SPF in it! Glad you could vent! Enjoy my silly blog!

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