My Weekly Spock: “Introducing Mr. Spock” (Trek Premiere in Australia -1970)

Here’s a great tidbit:  A brief article in The Australian Women’s Weekly from August of 1970 — Star Trek begins global syndication and a star is born!  The writer was impressed with Mr. Spock most!

The small print reads:


The National Nine Network’s new science-fiction series takes viewers into deep space.

“Star Trek” tells the story of the starcruiser Enterprise and her crew.  Cruising in deep space, they monitor life in outer space, enforce space laws.  It is an incredible ship and an incredible crew.  My favorite is Science Officer Mr. Spock, right, (Leonard Nimoy).  Mr. Spock is a new breed, half earthman, half planet man — one parent from earth one from the planet Vulcan.  Note his pointed ears — NAN MUSGROVE

Introducing MR. SPOCK

  • “Star Trek may be seen in Sydney on TC429 Thursdays, 8:30 p.m. in other capital cities later.

(Lower caption)   ENTERPRISE chief officers with two ‘other ranks’. From Left; Mr. Spock, O/R John Hainsworth, Yeoman Janice Rand (Grace Lee Whitney) Captain James Kirk (William Shatner) O/R Wayne Thomas, Medical Officer Dr. McCoy (DeForest Kelley)   Yeoman Rand shows that mini skirts and bouffant hairdos have survived thousands  of years into the space age.”




The Daily Scrapbook 11/14/12

Here’s today’s flashback:  From 1977, it’s amazing that show canceled eight years prior was now syndication gold!  Who’d a thunk it? Certainly not Roddenberry!  Also a few notes from the last few times Nimoy was in Equus, the space shuttle Enterprise has a successful third test drive, and talk of a possible ‘fourth network’ on television (for you youngsters, back in 1977, there were only THREE major commercial networks in America, ABC, CBS, and NBC).  I remember thinking at the time that a fourth network wouldn’t happen, and I had further doubts that Trek would come back as a TV series.  Of course, more commercial networks would pop up, but not for a good 18 years (remember UPN?).