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FArFri 2/8/13 Uhura Wins! By DK Cissner

Uhura_Wins_by_DKCissnerThis has to be one of my favorite Fan Arts of all time, by creative, whimsical artist DK Cissner on DeviantArt.    Her  caricatures always have such a fun vibe and slightly Disney feel (big eyes and expressions)  I just love how she draws Spock too.  If I could hone my sketch drawing to be as good as hers I’d be very happy!

Toon Tuesday (a day late) Wig Shop!

Ever wonder where the women of the Enterprise get their hair done? How many famous ‘do’s can you identify?

Wig Shop

FArFri – 12/7/12 The Dream Fulfilled by Porcelain Requiem

Friday already?  Time for some art to ease you into your weekend.  the_dream_fulfilled____by_porcelain_requiem-d36ll4kSince Nurse Chapel was heartbroken in my StarTreKomic this week, it seemed only fair to give her a happy ending today!  Hence Spock and Chapel marry in “The Dream Fulfilled” by artist porcelain requiem.   I love the animated quality of this! Did you know that Gene Roddenberry wanted Nurse Chapel to end up with Spock?  I always hoped she would!