An Exciting CHALLENGE for all My Readers — Exclusive Interview with Celeste Yarnall

the interview

Hey Everybody!

I have some exciting news!  I am offering you a challenge!

As you all know, our friend and TOS Guest Star Celeste Yarnall has been battling a rare ovarian cancer.  Her cancer fund is almost to the half way mark of $25,000.  As I write this today, she is heading in for more chemo. <3 Celeste needs our support and prayers, but the best thing we can do is send donations to her fund to help pay the medical bills her insurance won’t cover.  I came up with this idea recently, and when I messaged it to Celeste, she happily approved! 🙂  So here’s the challenge:

If  We, all the readers and subscribers to trekkerscrapbook, donate at TOTAL of $1,500 or more for the cancer fund, Celeste Yarnall will grant me (and all of you) an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for this site!  This would be a wonderful opportunity to hear what it was like to guest on so many classic 60’s series (Bonanza, My Three Sons, The Man From UNCLE, It Takes a Thief, The Wild Wild West,) and OF COURSE the classic Star Trek episode The AppleNot to mention what it was like to work with Elvis Presley!  And even better, If we raise the money, I will also select 3 questions  from your submissions to add to the interview!


1) Go to Celeste’s Cancer Fund at

2) Click on the Donate Now button.

3) Enter the amount, your name, e-mail, etc.  but MOST IMPORTANTLY:

4) In the COMMENT section below, enter the words: “TrekkerScrapbook” (and a personal note if you like). This way I can keep track of how many members here have contributed and how much we have achieved.   I will post updates here regularly.

5) Hit ‘Continue’ button, finish payment.

Kids, I really want this interview, so let’s make this happen! I know any extra money made will help Celeste and Nazim greatly!   Hope to see those dollars add up soon!!  Please donate today; the sooner we can raise $1500, the sooner we can get the exclusive interview!  And start thinking of what questions you’d like to ask Celeste!

Thanks So Much, Therese Bohn  😀

Celeste Update; 3/4/15 — Resting! And We’re THISCLOSE to the Halfway Mark!

Get your Rest

Hey Kids,

I’m happy to report that Celeste updated her account and is hopefully feeling better! Unfortunately, she’s still in the hospital. 🙁  Just get your rest Celeste!!  Don’t worry about us! Here’s her update:

I am still in the hospital and so appreciate all of your prayers, love and support. You are all amazing and I will try my best to keep sending updates when I can get on line but trying to rest mostly.

Nazim and my daughter are beyond amazing. I cannot imagine dealing with this alone and my heart goes out to anyone who must do so.
Loads of love from Celeste

And our hearts (and preferably dollars) are with you, Celeste!  The cancer fund  is now up to $19,060!!   We’re within batting reach of the halfway mark ($25,000).

Also, if EVERY person subscribed to this blog donates only $30.50 right now, we could reach the $50,00 goal TODAY! (There are now 1030 subscribers to trekkerscrapbook between e-mails and Facebook)  C’mon kids, let’s make this happen!

p.s.  I’ve added a whole new category just for Celeste 🙂  You can see all of my posts about her under “Celeste Yarnall”