My Weekly Spock: 2/4/13 Nimoy gets Bilbo’ed

Here’s your Nimoy fix for the week.  I’d say this was the nadir of his career, but that honor goes to the Saturday Morning Commercial he did for NBC in 1978 ‘C’mon Saturday!’   But I gotta give the man credit. It takes guts to do this!   I confess, to this day, I have only seen snippets if this video, usually referenced on comedy shows.   But for me it’s just too embarrassing to watch, although I think I could handle these stills.  In 1967, Nimoy lip-synched his song of  The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins on the short lived 60’s  variety show “Malibu U”.  Surprisingly, Nimoy did several Variety shows during his career, this one being the most notorious!  However, the big button that asks “What’s a Leonard Nimoy?” is funny, and I bet the then mid-30 something Nimoy got a kick out of all these 60’s go-go girls dancing around him!  (Although that big hobbit foot is creeeeeepy!  Yet, somehow this is easier to listen to than any Shatner soliloquy!

I wonder if Nimoy’s seen all LOTR Trilogy and the recent Hobbit?


Are you ready to cringe?   I’m not, but here’s your chance: