Renewal time for and Retirement

Hi Everyone,

It’s coming up on my annual renewal for ( June 10th)

I plan to renew it for another year and hope to bring you all the Trek ideas that have been stewing in my mind.

However, I have decided that that this next year will be my last as publisher of this blog. It’s expensive and as you may have noticed I hardly post as much as I did when I started this little party 12 years ago! I admit, talking only about Star Trek can be limiting, and I realize that as it is my blog, I can discuss plenty of other topics, and sometimes I want to, but I decline, thinking that it would be ignored or misinterpreted.

But it’s not just that. I am by no means old (heck, I just turned 62!), but the longer one lives, the more one realizes that time is a finite thing, and every day is precious. I have many obligations and dreams in my life, and although this one is a pleasure, it is not on my list of high priorities.

Please note: When I end this blog next year, there will still be the Facebook Group for this page, where we can all get together for fun, so be sure to join it! I’ll occasionally post there too! I’ll give you plenty warning. For now I’m archiving all my posts for my own posterity!

I still love my little site of course and I am so grateful for your patronage! I look forward to sharing one more year of my Trek memories and my art work with you. Here’s to the last new year!

Love you all, Therese xo

Therese with her beloved Buddy <3

The Return of Captain Jim Kirk’s Comely Starfleet Band

5/3/2023 UPDATE! Because an artist is never happy, I made just a few slight changes to the collage today — So be sure to check it again! I’ve added my friend and wonderful actor David Frankham as Larry Marvick on here ( I had him all set up yesterday and forgot to save it!!) as well as a spilled coffee cup and a rename on the drum; changing it to BAND instead of BRAND, which confused people. (It was meant as franchise humor)

It’s really done now! Thanks for your comments and likes! 🙂

HI Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, (busy with life) but I’m back and I wanted to share this updated collage with you!

I originally created this collage in 2018 with the use of my ancient computer program (don’t laugh) Print Master Platnium 18.1. Although I liked the original, (and you can see it here) it clearly lacked the precision and sharpness I could make with my Adobe Printshop program, with which I’ve been making all my latest colleges with ever since. On the old program one had to crop images by painstakingly outlining them dot by dot and them eliminating the background. With Adobe, this process became much less time consuming and tedious! You can also see how even the writing on the bass drum looks much more realistic, especially since my son taught me how to add fonts to my system!

So here’s my updated Beatle/Trek homage of of “Captain Jim Kirk’s Starfleet Brand” I’ve added a few characters and props, and I find it highly more satisfying! Note: I didn’t add a key this time, since I figure many of my readers will recognize just about everyone here! Have fun with it and let me what you think!

I hope to have an public exhibit of many of my collages up sometime. I’ll let you know if it ever happens 🙂

Remembering Leonard Today.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Leonard Nimoy who would have been 92 today. He was such a wonderful human being; kind, compassionate, caring, and grateful for the life that fame brought him. He never forgot where he came from or took anything for granted. Glad we were along for the ride of the man who brought out the humanity of Spock, and thankful he lived long and prospered.

Farewells of 2022

Hello Friends,

I finally finished my annual tribute to the stars we lost in 2022. It took a bit longer than I expected, as I started this in December, and here it is March! But I wanted to be sure it was as complete as possible, and I believe it is.

After a while working on this, I felt I almost got to know all of these wonderful people personally. Some I had never heard of, and some died tragically (murder, car accidents, Covid, suicide) and way too young. Sadly there were also an unusually high number of passings in the Star Trek Family, some iconic and all beloved. But I hope the joy they brought the world will live on. Bless them on their journeys from life to life.

Unfortunately, there have been several notable passings already this year that I am aware of, but I am already beginning the 2023 farewells as I write this, and you will see them next January. (I’m only two months late with this!)

Let me know what you think, and feel free to include any of your favorite memories of these remarkable people. You can see all their names and accomplishments in the keys below.

Love and Blessings, Therese

  • 1. Maury Wills, 89, Base-Stealing Shortstop for the Dodgers
  • 2. Lusia Harris, 66,  First Woman Drafted by NBA  
  • 3. Pelé, 82, Charismatic Master of the “Beautiful Game”
  • 4. Jeremy Giambi, 47, Former MLB Player, portrayed in Moneyball.            
  • 5.  Bill Russell, 88, Boston Celtics Legend and the NBA’s Ultimate Winner          
  • 6. Brad William Henke, 56, Super Bowl Winner, Orange Is the New Black, Lost
  • 7. Scott Hall, 63, Notorious Bad Guy of Pro Wrestling
  • 8. Bobby East, 37, Former NASCAR Driver (stabbed)
  • 9. Jeff Gladney, 25, Arizona Cardinals Cornerback, (Car Accident)
  • 10. Dwayne Haskins, 24, Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback, (Struck by Car)  
  • 11. Franco Harris, 72, Steelers Hall of Fame Running Back ‘Immaculate Reception’  
  • 12.  Len Dawson, 87, Hall of Fame Chiefs Quarterback ‘Inside the NFL,’   
  • 13. Tony “Goose” Siragusa 55, “Super Bowl Champion and Actor in The Sopranos 
  • 14. Vin Scully, 94, Treasured Voice of the Dodgers 
  • 15. Robert Clary, 96, Corporal LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes 
  • 16. Gail Halvorsen, 101, Cold War ‘Candy Bomber’
  • 17. Sonya Eddy, 55, General Hospital. Come Away Home
  • 18.  Georgia Holt, 96, Actress, Singer and Cher’s Mother,               
  • 19.  Robbie Coltrane, 72 Comic Performer, Hagrid in ‘Harry Potter’
  • 20.  Angela Lansbury, 96 Manchurian Candidate, Sweeney Todd, Murder She Wrote  
  • 21. Pat Carroll, 95, Cinderella, With Six you get Eggroll, The Little Mermaid,
  • 22.  Jules Bass, 87, Producer, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman  
  • 23. Ivan Reitman, 75, Animal House’ Producer  and ‘Ghostbusters’ Director
  • 24. Kevin Conroy 66, Longtime Voice of Batman,
  • 25. Steve Schapiro, 87, Acclaimed Photojournalist,
  • 26. Douglas Kirkland, 88, Famed Photographer of Hollywood Luminaries
  • 27. Patrick Demarchelier, 78, Fashion Photographer who took Princess Diana’s last portraits.
  • 28. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, 95, Retired Leader of the Roman Catholic Church
  • 29. Brenda Deiss, 60, Breakout star of Red Rocket
  • 30.  Queen Elizabeth II, 96.  Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch, Mother of King Charles III
  • 31. Dale Chritchlow 92, Napoleon Dynamite
  • 32. Gallagher, 76, Comic Known for Smashing Watermelons
  • 33. Busi Lurayi, (Mid 30s)How to Ruin Christmas’
  • 34. Adam Wade, 87, Singer, Actor Musical Chairs, Kiss Me Goodbye, Claudine
  • 35. Larry Storch, 99, Corporal Randolph Agarn on F Troop,
  • 36. Robyn Griggs, 49 ‘Another World’
  • 37.  Irene Papas, 93, The Guns of Navarone, Zorba the Greek, The Moonspinners, Z.
  • 38. Ann Turner Cook, 95, The Original Gerber Baby
  • 39. James R. Olson, 91 Andromeda Strain, Rachel, Rachel
  • 40. Lindsey Pearlman, 43, General Hospital’
  • 41. P.J. O’Rourke, 74, Irreverent Author and Commentator
  • 42. Michael Callan, 86, Actor in Broadway’s West Side Story and ‘Cat Ballou
  • 43. Mary Alice, 85, Fences, Sparkle, The Matrix Revolutions,  
  • 44.  Kenneth Tsang, 86, ‘Rush Hour 2,’
  • 45. Denise Dowse, 64.Beverly Hills, 90210, Insecure
  • 46.  Paul Herman, 76, The Sopranos,Entourage’ and ‘The Irishman,
  • 47. Frank Vallelonga Jr.,60, Green Book, All In
  • 48  Ray Liotta, 67, GoodFellas, ’Field of Dreams, Cocaine Bear
  • 49. Leslie Phillips,98,  Debonair British Actor of ‘Carry On,’ Potter’ Films
  • 50. Clu Gulager, 93, ‘The Virginian,The Last Picture Show’
  • 51. Robert Cormier 33, Heartland, Slasher
  • 52. Michael Kopsa, 66, X-Files, Stargate SG-1
  • 53. Tony Sirico, 79 ‘ The Sopranos’
  • 54. Joan Hotchkis, 95, ‘The Odd Couple’, ‘Ode to Billie Joe,’ 
  • 55. Stuart Margolin, 82, The Rockford Files, M*A*S*H
  • 56. Joe E. Tata, 85, Beverly Hills, 90210,A Clockwork Blue
  • 57.  Roseanna Christiansen, 71. Dallas,’ Sybil Luddington, Matlock
  • 58. Tony Dow, 77, Wally Cleaver on  Leave It to Beaver, Kentucky Fried Movie
  • 59.  Pat Rosson, 69, The Andy Griffith Show’, ‘The Young Marrieds’
  • 60. Bob Rafelson, 89, Director of ‘Five Easy Pieces. Producer of The Monkees,
  • 61. Rae Allen, 95,The Sopranos’ ‘Damn Yankees,
  • 62. Scoey Mitchell, 92. Comedian, Star of TV’s ‘Barefoot in the Park,’
  • 63. Vivienne Westwood, 81, British Fashion Designer and Punk Style Icon
  • 64. Andre Leon Talley, 73. Former Editor-at-Large of Vogue, guest on Finding Your Roots (Covid -19)
  • 65. Thierry Mugler, 73 Avant-Garde French Fashion Designer,
  • 66. Austin Stoker, 92 Assault on Precinct 13. Horror High, Abby
  • 67.  Ivana Trump, 73, First Wife of Former President
  • 68.  Cherry Valentine (George Ward) 28, Beloved Drag Performer RuPaul’s Drag Stove (Suicide) 
  • 69.  Henry Silva, 95, The Manchurian Candidate, Green Gardens, Ocean Eleven
  • 70. Charles Siebert, 84, Trapper John, M.D,
  • 71.  Helen Slayton-Hughes, 92. Parks and Recreation
  • 72. Julie Powell, 49, Food Writer, Blogger Known for ‘Julie & Julia,’
  • 73. Mickey Rooney Jr. 77, Musician, Actor,
  • 74. Liz Sheridan 93, Jerry’s Mom on ‘Seinfeld,’ ALF, American Dad
  • 75. Jossara Jinaro, 48.  ‘ER, Passions’. ‘East Los High’  
  • 76. Brad Johnson, 62Always, ‘Rough Riders, Left Behind (Covid -19)
  • 77. John Steiner, 81, Caligula, Shock, Waves of Lust, (Car Accident)
  • 78. Jak Knight, 28, Stand-Up Comedian, Writer & Actor, Black-ish, Big Mouth (suicide)  
  • 79. Nicki Aycox, 47, Supernatural’, Jeepers Creepers, The Girl on the Train.
  • 80. Ralph Ahn, 95, New Girl,‘Gilmore Girls, The Shield, Brother of actor Phillip Ahn
  • 81. Eileen Ryan, 94, The Twilight Zone, and Mother of Sean Penn,
  • 82. Ned Eisenberg, 65,  Attorney Roger Kressler on ‘Law & Order: SVU’  
  • 83. Ron Masak, 86, “King of CommercialsMurder, She Wrote,  
  • 84. Tom Urich, 87,   Kate & Allie, Beverly Hills 90210, Older Brother of Robert Urich
  • 85. Jack Ging, 90,The A-Team, Tales of Wells Fargo, The Eleventh Hour
  • 86. Breck Denny, 34, Actor, Writer and Groundlings Performer
  • 87. Yvette Mimieux, 80  Where the Boys Are, Light in the Piazza 
  • 88. Nino Cerruti, 91, Italian Menswear Innovator
  • 89 Bernard Cribbins, 93, British Children’s TV Icon and ‘Doctor Who’  
  • 90. Faye Marlowe, 95,  ‘Hangover Square,’ The Spider
  • 91. Carol Speed, 76, Actress in ‘The Mack, Black Samson’ and ‘Abby,’  
  • 92. Max Julien, 88, The Mack, Psyche Out, Getting Straight,The Black Klansman
  • 93.  Drew Griffin,60,  CNN Investigative Correspondent, Dies at 60
  • 94. Marnie Schulenburg,37, As the World Turns’ One Life to Live,’37
  • 95. Alan Ladd Jr.,84,Star Wars’ Savior and Oscar Winner for ‘Braveheart,
  • 96. Susan Tolsky, 79 Here Come the Brides’, ‘Madame’s Place.
  • 97. ‘Lenny Von Dohlen, 64, Billy Galvin, Twin Peaks’
  • 98. Linda Lawson 86, Night Tide,’ 99.  Philip Baker Hall, 90, ‘Seinfeld,
  • 100. L.Q. Jones, 94 Wild Bunch’, Member of ‘Peckinpah’s Posse’
  • 101. Ioane “John” King, 49, Actor on Starz’s ‘Spartacus,
  • 102. Mark Miller, ’97, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies’ Star,‘Walk in the Clouds’ Screenwriter
  • 103. Bo Hopkins, 84‘Wild Bunch’, ‘American Graffiti’
  • 104. June Preston, 93, Child Actor turned Celebrated Opera Singer,
  • 105. Jered Barclay,91, Screen and Stage Veteran
  • 106. John Aylward,75, ER’, The West Wing,’ Mad Men
  • 107 Jerry Ver Dorn, 72, ‘Guiding Light’, ‘One Life to Live,
  • 108. Sara Shane, 94, Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure, The King and Four Queens,
  • 109.  June Blair, 90,The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet,’
  • 110. Clarence Gilyard 66, ‘Walker, Texas Ranger,
  • 111. Douglas McGrath 64,  Tony and Oscar Nominee, Screenwriter and Actor
  • 112. Rio Hackford, 51, ‘Treme, Swingers’ and New Orleans Club Owner
  • 113. Bob Elkins 89, ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter,’
  • 114. Monica Vitti,90,  Italian Film Icon,
  • 115. Dwayne Hickman, 87.The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis,’
  • 116. Anne Heche, 53,  Donnie Brasco,13 Minutes, If These Walls Could Talk (Car Accident)
  • 117. Vachik Mangassarian, 78, The Book of Daniel, Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.
  • 118. John Zderko, 60,Criminal Minds’‘The Mentalist,’
  • 119. Bernard Shaw, 82 CNN’s First Chief News Anchor,
  •  120. David McCullough, 89. Pulitzer-Winning Historian, 121. JoeTurkel, 94, ‘The Shining,’
  • 122.  Wolfgang Petersen, 81, German Commander of ‘Das Boot,’
  • 123. Sidney Poitier, 94, In the Heat of the Night, To Sir With Love, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
  • 124. Virginia Patton, 97, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Double Life, Janie
  • 125.  Jeanine Ann Roose, 84   Young Violet in It’s a Wonderful Life
  • 126. Mickey Kuhn, 90,  ‘Gone With the Wind, The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
  • 127. Billy Watson, 98 Child Actor in ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’
  • 128. Sharyn Moffett,85, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House , The Body Snatchers,
  • 129. Farrah Forke, 54,Wings,’ Kates’s Addiction, Disclosure
  • 130. Bruce MacVittie, 65,  American Buffalo, Law and Order’
  • 131. Gilbert Gottfried,67 Acerbic Comedian with unforgettable grating voice.  Aladdin, the AFLAC duck.
  • 132. Matt Gogin ,40,The New Guy’ ‘Made for Each Other,’ (Pneumonia)
  • 133Ronan Vibert 58,  ‘Saving Mr. Banks’, ‘The Borgias’134. Frank Pesce, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Films,
  • 135. Robert Mosley, 83,  Magnum P.I.
  • 136. Lawrence Dane. 84  Bride of Chucky, Scanners
  • 137. Sacheen Littlefeather, (Maria Cruz) 75, Actress and Activist.
  • 138. Margaret Keane, 94, Painter and Subject of Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes,’
  • 139. Dennis Waterman, 74, ‘The Sweeney’, ‘Minder’
  • 140. Donald May, 92, Adam Drake on ‘The Edge of Night,’
  • 141. Kathryn Kates, 73, Many Saints of Newark’, ‘Seinfeld,’
  • 142. Jason David Frank, 49, ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ (suicide)
  • 143. Moses J. Moseley, 31,The Walking Dead, (Gunshot wound)
  • 144. Conrad Janis, 94, Trombonist, ‘Mork & Mindy
  • 145. Peter Robbins, 65, Voice of Charlie Brown in the 1960s, Blondie, (suicide)
  • 146. Quentin Oliver Lee, 34, Broadway Actor, The Phantom of the Opera
  • 147. Howard Hesseman, 81,  Dr. Johnny Fever on ‘WKRP in Cincinnati  
  • 148. Todd Gitlin, 78, Author, Sociologist, The Sixties, Years of Hope, Days of Rage (Covid -19)
  • 149.  Shirley Ann Watts, 84, Widow of Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones
  • 150. Jethro Lazenby, 30 Model and Son of Nick Cave,
  • 151.  Todd Whiting, 45, NBC Universal Digital Content Veteran (Covid -19)
  • 152. Bob LuPone, 46, Search for Tomorrow, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Doors
  • 153.  Brent Renaud, 50, Documentary maker and Journalist, assassinated in Ukraine
  • 154. Madeleine Albright, 84 First Female U.S. Secretary of State
  • 155. Peter Bogdanovich, 82, Oscar-Nominated Director ,The Last Picture Show, What’s Up Doc?,
  • 156. Bob Saget, 65, Sometimes dirty Comic , ‘Full House’, America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • 157. Carleton Carpenter, 95, ‘Two Weeks With Love, Father of the Bride, Summer Stock
  • 158. Hardy Krueger 93, The Defector, Paper Tiger, Hatari
  • 159. Gloria McMillan, 88,Our Miss Brooks,’ Centennial, Perfect Strangers
  • 160. Jimmy Lydon , 98,  ‘Life With Father, The First Hundred Years, Hot Rod
  • 161. Diane McBain, 81, ‘Surfside 6’, ‘Spinout,’
  • 162. Catherine Spaak, 77, Actress and Singer, Cat o’Nine Tails,  If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium,
  • 163. Joanna Barnes, 87, Actress in ‘The Parent Trap’ ,‘Auntie Mame,’ Spartacus
  • 164. James Caan, 82, The Godfather, Rollerball , Misery, Father of  Scott Caan
  • 165. Kathy Lamkin, 74 No Country for Old Men,’
  • 166. Venetia Stevenson 84, “The Most Photogenic Girl in the World” Sugarfoot, 77 Sunset Strip
  • 167. Johnny Brown, 84 Comedian, Singer and Actor, Laugh-In, Good Times
  • 168. Joan Copeland, 99 Law and Order, Roseland
  • 169. William Hurt, 71 Kiss of the Spider Woman’ ‘Broadcast News ,Body Double
  • 170. Cheslie Kryst, 30, Attorney, ‘Extra’ Correspondent and Former Miss USA, (suicide)
  • 171. Veronica Carlson, 77, The Horror of Frankenstein, Black Easter
  • 172. Barbara Walters, 93,  The Today Show, ABC Nightly News The Barbara Walters Specials
  • 173. Rebecca Balding, 73 Soap’ Charmed,’
  • 174. Peter Bowles, 85, ‘To the Manor Born,
  • 175.  Joyce Ostin, 64 Photographer,
  • 176. Barrie Youngfellow, 75 ‘It’s a Living,
  • 177. Jim Hartz, 82  NBC News Veteran and ‘Today’ Co-Host
  • 178. Bill Plante, 84 White House Correspondent for CBS News,
  • 179. Louie Anderson, 68 Iconic Stand-Up Comic, Life with Louie, Baskets’
  • 180. Emilio Delgado,81  “Luis” of ‘Sesame Street’ Actor and Musician.
  • 181. Bob McGrath, 90 Original, Smiling, Longtime Resident of ‘Sesame Street,’
  • 182. Taurean Blacque, 82, ‘Hill Street Blues,’ Sanford and Son, The Bob Newhart Show.
  • 183. Teddy Ray, 32, Comedian, ‘Pause With Sam Jay, Messyness’ (Drowned)
  • 184. Robert Morse, 90,How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying, Mad Men
  • 185.  Maureen Arthur, 88How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying,
  • 186. Tim Considine,81 My Three Sons’ ,‘Spin and Marty,
  • 187. Mark Shields, 88 Political Commentator and Columnist
  • 188. Raymond Briggs, 88 Beloved Author and Illustrator of ‘The Snowman
  • 189. Loretta Lynn, 90 First Lady of Country Music, Coal Miner’s Daughter, The Pill, One’s on the Way
  • 190. Pharoah Sanders, 81 Legendary Jazz Saxophonist, Karma, Love will Find a Way
  • 191. Julee Cruise, 65, Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Scream (suicide)
  • 192. Dallas Good, 48, Guitarist of The Saddles
  • 193. Ric Parnell, 70This Is Spinal Tap’ Drummer
  • 194. Mimi Parker, 55 Vocalist and Drummer of Low,
  • 195. Alec John Such, 70 Former Bon Jovi Bassist,
  • 196. Taylor Hawkins, 50, Foo Fighters Drummer
  • 197.  Dino Danelli, 78 Co-Founder and Drummer of The Rascals
  • 198. John Hartman Dies, 72, Drummer for Doobie Brothers
  • 199. Cormac Roth, 25, Musician and Son of Tim Roth.
  • 200. Alan White, 72, Longtime Drumer of Yes.
  • 201. Anita Pointer, 74 Founding Member of R&B Group Pointer Sisters
  • 202. William Hart, 77 Delfonics Lead Singer and Songwriter
  • 203. Bobby  Rydell, 79 Pop Singer and ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ Actor
  • 204. Syl Johnson, 85 Chicago Soul and Blues Artist,
  • 205. Maxi Jazz, 65 Lead Singer for British Band Faithless
  • 206. Meat Loaf, 74 ‘Bat Out of Hell’ Singer, Actor
  • 207. Jeff Cook 73 Alabama Co-Founder
  • 208. Jim Seals, 80 Half of ’70s Group Seals and Crofts
  • 209. Alex DePue 49, Violinist, The DePue Brothers, (Car Accident)
  • 210. Jesse Powell, 51 R&B Singer You
  • 211. Irene Cara, 63, Oscar-Winning Singer and Actress, Fame, What a Feeling
  • 212. Vangelis, 79 Oscar-Winning Composer on ‘Chariots of Fire,
  • 213. Mable John, 91 First Female Solo Artist Signed by Motown,  
  • 214. Mickey Gilley, 86 Country Singer Helped Inspire ‘Urban Cowboy,’
  • 215. Wilko Johnson, 75 Dr. Feelgood Musician and ‘Game of Thrones’ Actor,
  • 216. Gary Brooker, 76 Frontman of  Procol Harum Whiter Shade of Pale
  • 217. Takeoff, 28, Rapper, Open it Up, (Victim of Houston Shooting)
  • 218.  Stephen “tWitch” Boss, 40 Freestyle Hip Hop Dancer, co-executive producer of Ellen DeGeneres Show (suicide)
  • 219. Patrick Haggerty, 78 Lavender Country
  • 220. Jerry Lee Lewis, 87 Piano-Bashing Pioneer of Rock ‘N’ Roll,
  • 221. Marilyn Bergman, 93 Oscar-Winning Lyricist
  • 222.  Calvin Simon, 79 Parliament-Funkadelic Co-Founder             
  • 223. Lata Mangeshkar, 92 Singer Known as the “Nightingale of India”
  • 224. Donny Gerrard, 75 Wildflower” Singer  
  • 225. Tom Parker, 33 The Wanted Singer, Dies at After Battling Brain Cancer
  • 226. DJ Kay Slay 55,  Pioneering Rapper, (COVID-19)
  • 227. Joni James, 91 Popular Songstress of the 1950s
  • 228. Barbara Morrison, 72 Legendary L.A. Jazz and Blues Singer
  • 229. Betty Davis, 77 Boundary-Smashing Funk Singer
  • 230. Shonka Dukureh, 44 ‘Elvis’ Actress and Singer
  • 231. Mark Lanegan, 57, Screaming Trees Frontman,
  • 232. Michael Lang, 77, Woodstock Organizer
  • 233. Willie Spence 33, American Idol Contestant, (Car Accident)
  • 234. Ralph Emery, 88, Legendary Country Music Broadcaster, The Grand Old Opry
  • 235. Aaron Carter, 34, Singer and brother Nick Carter, 2 Good 2 B True,  (Accidental drowning)
  • 236. Andy Fletcher, 60, Depeche Mode Co-Founder.  
  • 237. Trouble, 34, Atlanta Rapper, (assassinated)
  • 238.  PnB Rock (Rakim Hasheem Allen) 30, Rapper, Fleek, Selfish, Issues,  (assassinated by robber)
  • 239. Thom Bell, 79, Philadelphia Soul Icon, Arranger and Producer, (Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick)
  • 240. Coolio, 59 Iconic West Coast Rapper “Gangsta’s Paradise,”
  • 241.  Sidu Moose Wala, 28, Rapper , So High, (assassinated) 
  • 242. Diego Verdaguer, 70, Famed Argentine Singer and Musician (Covid 19)
  • 243. Judith Durham, 79, Lead Singer of The Seekers, Icon, Another You
  • 244.  Christine McVie 79 Singer/Songwriter for Fleetwood Mac, Songbird
  • 245. Naomi Judd, 76, Half of superstar duo The Judds, Singer/Songwriter Why Not Me? (suicide)
  • 246. Traci Braxton, 50 Sister of Toni Braxton, Last Call, What About Love?
  • 247. Maria Ewing, 71, Opera Singer, Mother to Rebecca Hall
  • 248. Ronnie Spector, 78, Leader of The Ronettes and ’60s Icon Be My Baby, Walking in the Rain
  • 249. Olivia Newton-John, 73, Singer & actress, Let me Be There, If Not for You, Magic , Grease
  • 250. Sally Kellerman,84,  ‘M*A*S*H,’ Star Trek-Where No Man Has Gone Before
  • 251. Laurel Goodwin,79,   Star Trek – The Cage,  Girls, Girls, Girls
  • 252. David Birney, 83,Bridget Loves Bernie’ ‘St. Elsewhere, Star Trek TNG
  • 253. Kenneth Welsh,80 ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ and ‘Twin Peaks, Star Trek Discovery
  • 254. Pamela Kosh, 93, Days of Our Lives, Star Trek TNG
  • 255. Melvin Nimoy, 92, Beloved big brother of Leonard Nimoy.
  • 256. Marvin J. Chomsky, 92, ‘Director, Star Trek (Day of the Dove, And the Children Shall Lead, All Our Yesterdays) Roots.
  • 257.  Douglas Trumbull, 79,   Visual Effects Maestro on ‘2001: A Space Odyssey,’  Star Trek The Motion Picture.
  • 258. Mitchell Ryan, 88,  Star Trek TNG, ‘Lethal Weapon’‘Dharma & Greg,’
  • 259. Robert Brown,95, ‘Here Come the Brides’ Star Trek (Lazarus in The Alternative Factor)
  • 260. Andrew Prine, 86, Chisum’, Wide Country, V, Star Trek TNG, and DS9
  • 261. Tim McCormack, 74,  Star Trek TNG (Ensign Bennet) Dynasty, Miami Vice
  • 262. Wayne Grace, 82, Star Trek TNG, DS9,Enterprise,
  • 263. Paul Sorvino, 83, Goodfellas, That Championship Season, ‘Star Trek TNG, Father of Mira Sorvino
  • 264.  Walter Soo Hoo 90,  Star Trek, (Where No Man Has Gone Before, The Omega Glory),The Wild Wild West,
  • 265.  Judy Levitt, 83, Star Trek IV, VI and Generations,  Babylon 5, Walter Koenig’s Beloved Wife.
  • 266. Gregory Jein, 76,Star Trek’ Model Maker and Two-Time Oscar Nominee,
  • 267. Jack Kehler, 75, Actor in ‘The Big Lebowski, The Man in the High Castle,Star Trek DS9, Babylon 5
  •  268. David Warner, 80, Time Bandits, 80  Iconic Villian, Star Trek V,VI and TNG, Titanic, TRON’ Time After Time,’
  • 269.  Maggie Thrett, 76Star Trek’ (Ruth Bonaventure in Mudd’s Women) ‘Three in the Attic’
  • 270. William Knight, 88, Ensign Moody, (the singing guy) Star Trek –The Naked Time
  • 271. Estelle Harris, 93, Mrs. Costanza on ‘Seinfeld, ’Toy Story ,Star Trek Voyager.
  • 272. Gary Bullock, 80,  Star Trek – Enterprise and Voyager
  • 273. Louise Fletcher, 88, DS9’s Kai Winn Adami, Oscar winner as Nurse Ratched in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,
  • 274. Gregory Itzin, 74, ’24, Star Trek’s DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise
  • 275. John Aniston, 89, Days of Our Lives, ’Star Trek Voyager, and Father of Jennifer Aniston.
  • 276. Mike Hagerty, 67,Friends’, ‘Somebody Somewhere,’ Star Trek TNG
  • 277. Lev Mailer , 88,  Actor, Director, Coach, Star Trek, (Return of the Archons, Patterns of Force) Mission:Impossible,
  • 278.  Kirk Bailey, 59, Star Trek Voyager, Salute Your Shorts
  • 279. Leslie Jordan, 68, Will & Grace, Call Me Kat, Deep Space 9, (Car Accident) 
  • 280. Michael Braveheart , 71, Star Trek The Next Generation, (Crewman Martnez)
  • 281. Kathryn Hayes, 87, As the World Turns, Star Trek’s “Gem” in The Empath 
  • 282 Valora Norland , 81, Actress, Photographer, Daras on Star Trek (Patterns of Force)
  • 283. Nichelle Nichols, 89, Singer, Dancer, Beloved Lt. Uhura of Star Trek, and NASA recruiter.
  • 284. Kirstie Alley, 71, The Original Savik of Star Trek IICheers, Veronica’s Closet
  • 285. Danny Goldring,76, Star Trek DS9, Voyager, Enterprise (seen here holding all of his characters!)
  • 286. Marva Hicks, 66, Broadway’s ‘Lion King’  ST Voyager
  • 287. Mary Mara, 61, ER’,‘ Law & Order’ Star Trek Enterprise
  • 288. Marsha Hunt,104, Revered Actress who fought HUAC, Pride and Prejudice, The Human Comedy, Star Trek TNG,
  • 289. Nehemiah Persoff, 102, Wonderful character actor, ‘Some Like It Hot,On the Waterfront’Yentl,’ and Star Trek TNG

Just when you thought you were finished…

Hi All!

For the past two months I’ve been working on my traditional, annual Memorial Collage for celebrities and newsmakers. I usually post this in January, but sadly, there were so many passing’s of notables that it’s taken a lot longer than usual. (The Musician page alone has way too many!)

Anyway, I worked all day yesterday on the final portion of the collage and I THOUGHT I saved it. Well, this morning it’s nowhere to be found and I have to start all over again on that part! (Waaaah!!)

Here’s hoping I’ll have the whole thing up within a week. You’ll see it here as soon as it’s finished, with name keys and all.

For now, here’s only a small portion.

Take care today and make every day count! Love you all – Therese

Merry Christmas and Thank You!

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Looks like Harry Mudd has his own version!

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