Trek Merchandise, Costume Calamity!

They got Kirk’s hair right…

Ever since Star Trek premiered in ’66, the merchandisers have been there to get their cut.  Here’s a few examples of some of the more ‘fascinating’ examples of Halloween costumes!  The details are hilariously bizarre – characters always wear their likenesses on their uniforms! Lots of bad color choices in both the costumes and art (although the cover likenesses are pretty good.  I suspect the actors rarely if ever got and percentage of these, don’t know if they’d want it either!  Lots of cheap plastic here; most illogical!

But not the uniform!


Kirk wears pink on his off days; McCoy plays captain, and they both shift their insignias! How about that Yellow Submarine Shuttle?

A real Klingon would probably kill you if he had to wear this! Those masks got smelly after a while.

Original 60s Spock Costume

With extra eye shadow and lipstick for evening wear!

And Spock always wears The Enterprise on his shirt so he can be returned if lost!

Even the Enterprise is yellow!

3 thoughts on “Trek Merchandise, Costume Calamity!

  1. The people who designed and approved these costumes were operating under the influence of:

    (A) Saurian brandy
    (B) Psi 2000 water
    (C) Having seen a Medusan
    (D) Tholian-border sector interphase
    (E) All of the above

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