6 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Leonard on Charlie Rose 1995

  1. Pardon my off-topicness: 🙂

    Ever wondered what kind of redesign Scotty might have produced for the good old Enterprise after way too much Scotch?

    Wonder no more.

    I guess Paramount’s lawyers either didn’t know about this foreign (probably Chinese) knockoff, or decided they’d never get enough money out of what was probably a fly-by-night company to make the effort worthwhile.

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for digging up this interview. I loved Mr. Nimoy’s summary of Star Trek as “a moral society,” and this was the first I’d ever heard that he was writing a novel! I wonder if he ever finished it or what ever became of it.

    I’ve read most of Mr. Nimoy’s poetry, and I thought it was more earnest than skillful, but it certainly showed him to be a sweet, lovely, and thoughtful person. Even if his novel were also more earnest than skillful, I’d love to read it, to see what it reveals about its author.

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