My Weekly Spock – April in Paris a Little Early

Well it’s been a very blue winter (in so many ways) and  to shake my winter blues I think of Spring, and when I think of Spring, I think of April, and when I think of April I think of April in Paris…or rather April with Paris!

So here’s a ‘spring’ preview with our favorite spy… 🙂  Ah, Paris! <3

takeover the-controllers-pt-1 the-controllers-pt-2 the-field the-merchant



One thought on “My Weekly Spock – April in Paris a Little Early

  1. I just found this elsewhere on the Web.

    But shouldn’t it say “In The Great Bird Of The Galaxy We Trust”?

    Or if that’s too long, “In Vaal We Trust”?

    Granted, Vaal’s dead, but it and Apollo were both tougher than that so-called god in Star Trek V. A Klingon scout ship vaporized that fake god, while it took the main phasers of a heavy cruiser to humble Apollo and Vaal. 😛

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