Remembering Leonard on COPD Day

Today, November 16, is COPD World Awareness Day. It saddens me to think of how many people have suffered with this condition, but what’s more, it is a mostly preventable condition. (unless genetic) Remember how Leonard stressed abstinence and quitting in his final year. He had said:

“I quit smoking 30 years ago; not soon enough!” …”If you smoke, quit now and if you haven’t started, don’t!”

To think that in his last hours, the poor man couldn’t even talk, his beautiful baritone  voiced silenced, his lungs closing up, is heart-wrenching. I’ll never forget when I saw him in NYC in 2013 how he had an awful coughing fit on the stage of Symphony Space.  This was before his disease was public knowledge, but I suspected that something was awfully wrong with him.   I’m sure had he survived he would still be promoting awareness of the awful diseases that are under the tent of COPD; emphysema and chronic bronchitis.  Please support the COPD community and in Leonard’s memory, please don’t smoke.  And thanks to his daughter Julie, for making this part of the conversation. <3

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6 thoughts on “Remembering Leonard on COPD Day

  1. I quite smoking many years ago, But my father had emphysema before he passed away in 2013. He had a very bad cough for many many years, and even when he quite he still had that horrible cough, it is not nice to hear them cough and nearly turn themselves inside out.

    • So sorry for the loss of your Dad, Ena. Yes, that cough must be horrible. I was in the front row when I saw Leonard and I just wish I had a bottle of water for him. Fortunately someone did bring him some water, but it seemed like forever. 🙁

  2. Well, from what I could gather, even though Leonard had quit 30 years earlier, the condition had worsened in his senior years, when age can naturally degenerate the lung tissue more. I’m guessing it was at least within the last 5 years of his life that it was diagnosed. When paparazzi got the photos of him being wheeled around in an airport, it was a year before his death. I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but it will probably give a clearer answer.

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