Have You Seen This Incredible Trek Auction? (On Now!)

Browsing the net yesterday and came across this fantastic auction of Star Trek items! There are props, scripts and costumes from all the Trek series, but I’m focusing on TOS here 🙂

The Auction is being held by the site invaluble.com,  and you can see the entire list of Trek items here.   Note: This auction started yesterday (6/29) and ends tomorrow (7/1) — the bidding is going on as I write this, (on unpublished photo negatives, scripts, etc>)  and they’re saving the real iconic stuff for the last day!  Costumes!!!  (Spock’s Shirt! Carolyn Palamas’ pink toga!!!)

I’m amazed to see how so many of these survived 50+ years in remarkable shape!  Of course,  if I had money to burn, you know I’d bid heavily on the Spock Tunic!  The story of the tunic is incredible — this original screen-worn tunic of Nimoy’s was won in a movie magazine contest in 1968, and the owner has kept it quietly in her dark closet all these years; preventing fading and damage (thank goodness there wasn’t a fire in all those years!) Seeing the condition of some of these gives an insight to how backstage work went; there’s an insignia missing 0n a couple, probably re-used) And the Klingon pants were see-through??? (worn with black pants underneath!)   You gotta hand it to the auction company Profiles in History to find all the coolest stuff!

It’s a TOS fans dream! Get a load of these! (No drooling on your device!)

8 responses to “Have You Seen This Incredible Trek Auction? (On Now!)

  1. warbirdguy219

    I passed out after looking at the prices…..Yikes.


  2. I did not not that they where auctioning off any of the Star Trek costumes, they looked great.


  3. I couldn’t help but notice that that many of these don’t have bids yet. But then, when you start bidding at $60,000 only the privileged few can bid! Don’t they know that most of us are broke? :-/


  4. I’ve arrived late, and it’s all taken down, so I’m especially grateful for your pics. Wonderful, wonderful items.

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  5. Does anyone know where we saw “Scotty’s wrench”? I was thinking it was from the dramatic scene in the jeffries tube in “That Which Survives,” but I just looked at some screencaps from that episode, and no, that is definitely not the same wrench. I love the one pictured here from the auction, but I can’t figure out where it’s from.


  6. Kid Charlemagne

    “The Colorful Guards” would be a great name for a rock band. ^_^

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