Nichelle Just Got Tribbled!

I LOVE this picture that Nichelle Nichols posted recently!  Maybe this is the Tribble version of The Tonight Show’s ‘Pup Quiz’ except when you get the answer right you get a Tribble!  I hope I can meet her someday — I did see her at the Star Trek Bi-Centennial 10 Convention in 1976, but of course I was out of film by then!!!  Love you Girl! That looks like a designer leopard tribble! ❤

Nichelle Tribbles

2 responses to “Nichelle Just Got Tribbled!

  1. I have always liked Nichelle Nichols in Star Trek, they rely did not give her many roles in the episodes, there was only a few episodes about Uhura.
    but she will always be one of my favorite women of Star Trek.

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  2. True, she didn’t get much in TOS, but when she had good scenes, she ran with it!


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