FArF: Trek meets Yellow Submarine

Being a devotee of both The Beatles and Trek, I was delighted to come across this!  What a magnificent crossover of TOS and Yellow Submarine! I appreciate that the artist included Chapel and Rand.  If you look closely, you can see and alternate submarine Enterprise in red with Evil Kirk and Spock there!  Other clever mashups here: Harry Mudd as a combination Young Fred/Snapping Turtle Turk,  a Klingon vessel as The Dreadful Flying Glove, and the Mugato as a Blue Meanie.   I don’t know who made this but it’s brilliant!

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4 thoughts on “FArF: Trek meets Yellow Submarine

  1. Hello! I know who the artist is for this! Its by a woman called Sarah Marks. I received a print of it for christmas from my Moms boyfriend who has been friends with the artist since high school. I don’t have a link to any website of hers where she sells her art otherwise I would put that here. My mom couldn’t find one but she is going to ask her boyfriend.
    I thought I’d try my hand at finding her website if she has one when I ran across your post 🙂
    If/When I have a link I will post another comment here

  2. If it had a theme song would it go “We all live in a Yellow Enterprise.. Yellow Enterprise… Yellow Enterprise”

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