My Weekly Spock: More Fun Promos – Amok Time!

Some more fun promo and behind-the-scenes shots this week — this time from Amok Time.  Some of these I have never seen before, Like Spock and Kirk fighting in front of  T’Pring, and also the still of little bored T’Pring!  ( I love T’Pring’s huge sunburst ring too.

I think Amok Time is in most Trekkies top 10 lists.  Where does it rank in yours?



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And if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out the Spock/Nimoy tribute I made on YouTube; “Them There Eyes”:

6 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: More Fun Promos – Amok Time!

  1. “Amok Time” is #1 for me! My #2 is “Journey to Babel,” and my #3 is “The Devil in the Dark.”

    (Yes, I know that most fans like “City on the Edge of Forever” best, and while I thought that was a good episode, I didn’t really believe in the Kirk/Keeler love story, and if one doesn’t believe that, then the episode is not as compelling.)

  2. Great pix from a great episode. The actress who played young T’pring was at the Vegas Trek convention in 2006. I met her and she signed that same photo for me that you have here, which was also seen in the tv episode. They only made up one Vulcan ear, as shown in the photo, as the other ear was not meant to be seen.

  3. One eye shot I was sorry you missed – A Piece of the Action, when Spock’s eyes swivelled sideways waiting for Kraków to be beamed up. A wonderful moment

    • Didn’t know about that one –also didn’t get to add the most obvious; the extreme close up of Spock’s eyes in “The Omega Glory”! But hey, I have ideas for other videos so you never know! Thanks. 🙂

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