Yeoman Pride!

Something for the underdogs of Starfleet — The Yeomans!*   In memory of Grace Lee Whitney <3

yeoman pride

(*And before the nit-pickers complain, I know that Miss Piper from The Menagerie was never addressed as Yeoman, and that Wong from Court Martial is actually an Ensign, but they both look great here, have very similar jobs and deserve credit where credit is due! – !)

4 thoughts on “Yeoman Pride!

    • Thanks Roy! I’m glad you got to meet her, she was a delightful woman. I met her in ’76 and she explained to me how that braided hairpiece worked! But don’t feel too sad, she had a good, long life and she had a remarkable comeback from a hard time of addiction; her faith and love of life being a factor. RIP Grace <3

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