My Weekly Spock: Rare pics from 1972 “Oliver” (as Fagin)

I was delighted to come across these rare photos of Leonard from 1972 when he starred as Fagin in the (Milwaukee) Melody Top Theater stage production of “Oliver”.  Here he’s seen on and off stage, in rehearsal, and in some especially rare color photos, in and out of character with fellow actor Clyde Miller, who appears just a little star-struck! (Can’t blame him there!) I wish I could have seen this (or any of Nimoy’s stage works), looks like a blast.

Oliver-1972-FaginOliver_05 Oliver-BW-Newspaper-Large Oliver-Color-Ten-Large Oliver-Color-Nine-Large

3 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Rare pics from 1972 “Oliver” (as Fagin)

  1. Wow, I’m not sure I’d have recognized him if you hadn’t told us it was him! Such a great character actor, to disappear into a role like that. Something Shatner couldn’t do. 🙂

  2. Well Will, I wish I could have seen it too, but for now I’m content to imagine him acting “You’ve got to pick a pocket or two”… (Here’s the clip of Ron Moody as Fagin from the movie “Oliver” (1968)

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