Hi Everybody! Busy Busy Busy!

Hey Kids,

Work and home life have been very busy lately (as I suspect they will through Christmas)  I have several drafts on tap here but not much time to finish them!  I hope to have some fresh Trekkiness for you later this week, thanks for your patience! -Therese  🙂   Still hoping that the TOS gallery from TrekCore will come back online too so I can finish my posters!!  🙁


6 thoughts on “Hi Everybody! Busy Busy Busy!

  1. Best of luck with all that real-world stuff!

    The Trek Core screenshot gallery was a nifty resource. It’s pretty easy to take screenshots of one’s own, though. I use Gadwin PrintScreen; it’s free and easy to use. (I’m assuming you DO have the TOS DVD’s.)

  2. Actually Cory, I do not have the TOS DVDs! But I can see them on Netflix. I’ll check out Gadvin Printscreen, thanks!
    Winston, Oddly, some parts of Core is up, but the Trek HD and DVD caps are ‘offline’. I wonder if it’s all going away 🙁

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