3 thoughts on “My Weekly Spock: Looking Beatle-ish

  1. Wonder how “Maiden Wine” would sound, sung by the Fab Four? 🙂

    Zachary Quinto complains a lot about having to shave his eyebrows and wear a bowl cut for a couple of months while filming the movies, but Mr. Nimoy had to do such things for three years in a row. And he made it look good, too! 😉

  2. “Maiden Wine by The Beatles… Hmmm. I’m afraid with even their beautiful harmonies, it just wouldn’t fit their style. 😉
    But Zach whines about his brows and bowl cut? Guess he wouldn’t do Spock full time if Abrams’ vision became a series! ( I still think the reboot would work better as TV Series!)

    • Yeah, I agree that it would work better as a TV series. But since Paramount owns the rights to the movies, and CBS owns the rights to the TV show, getting the legalities worked out would be a nightmare. I think we’re stuck with movies that are more about explosions than about interesting SF for the foreseeable future.

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