My Weekly Spock: Looking Beatle-ish

I don’t know if it’s the haircut,  neat shirt and ties, or the slightly innocent vibe he gives off in these, but Leonard looks like he could  be the 5th Beatle here!  Nice!

60s head shot $(KGrHqZ,!hgE1f7fKgjDBNe(imt1Sw~~0_12 sfilledwithemotion01 copy tumblr_m0snp6oI3s1qeu0w7o1_1280



3 responses to “My Weekly Spock: Looking Beatle-ish

  1. Wonder how “Maiden Wine” would sound, sung by the Fab Four? 🙂

    Zachary Quinto complains a lot about having to shave his eyebrows and wear a bowl cut for a couple of months while filming the movies, but Mr. Nimoy had to do such things for three years in a row. And he made it look good, too! 😉

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  2. “Maiden Wine by The Beatles… Hmmm. I’m afraid with even their beautiful harmonies, it just wouldn’t fit their style. 😉
    But Zach whines about his brows and bowl cut? Guess he wouldn’t do Spock full time if Abrams’ vision became a series! ( I still think the reboot would work better as TV Series!)


    • Yeah, I agree that it would work better as a TV series. But since Paramount owns the rights to the movies, and CBS owns the rights to the TV show, getting the legalities worked out would be a nightmare. I think we’re stuck with movies that are more about explosions than about interesting SF for the foreseeable future.


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