Chemical Spill in West Virginia

Hey All,

My good friend Liz lives in Charleston, West Virginia where a chemical spill has forced 300,000 residents to stop using tap water for any use other than flushing and fire fighting.  Liz is coping, but my heart goes out to her, her family and everyone affected. The National Guard is distributing water, and Liz had some on hand and is collecting rainwater, but the air smells like licorice and God knows how this may affect residents when this crisis is cleared up.

Do any of my Scrappers here live in or near Charleston? Let me know. (You’ve welcome to vent here). Unfortunately, the chemical plant is just upriver from a water intake facility, so the water system has been heavily infiltrated.  This was a gross mismanagement of common sense in planning and execution. Prayers to all of them.

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