Spock sight gag on The Simpsons

I just got a chance to catch last Sunday’s new (Christmas themed) episode of The Simpsons– and in a parody of a bad Christmas game, an evil snowman was slashing up a video display of bad Christmas specials!   Note our Vulcan pal on the left! (Actually, I think that Jingle Bell Spock would make a great special!) 😀

IMG_8111 copy

5 thoughts on “Spock sight gag on The Simpsons

    • My husband believes that television is the root of all evil, so in spite of my obsession with Star Trek, I’ve not seen most television shows, even the ones that EVERYBODY watches. Except for TOS. 🙂

  1. Trust me Cory, you’re not missing much! The worst offenders are most ‘Reality’ Shows, which have very little basis in reality at all! Life’s too short for most TV. Oddly, my go-to channel is usually TCM (Turner Classic Movies) I could write a whole post on this and I may just do that! Thanks for the seed of inspiration.

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