Wideo Wednesday “Shatner at his Finest”

You know, Bill Shatner gets a lot of bum raps for his scenery chewing, but I assure you that Trek would have been a LOT less fun without him!  In this famous scene, Kirk fears he’s losing command from the Friendly Angel.   In an otherwise awful episode, this tense moment actually is one of the better moments. Kirk nearly chokes  Spock at the height of his frenzy,  but Spock brings him back ever so gently by just saying “Jim.”  (And yeah, I gotta give both Nimoy and The Shat a lot of credit for not cracking up in that extreme close-up!)  I’m sure there’s those out there who, at this moment,  yell “Just kiss him already!”, but  after years of feeling a little embarrassed by this scene, watching it today reminded me of  the true devotion these two characters have for each other. And you gotta love the exasperated and somewhat “Get Over it!” response Spock gives when Kirk comes to his senses.  That’s true bromance.

Kirk:  I’ve got…command.                                                                                                Spock:  CORRECT, Captain!

3 responses to “Wideo Wednesday “Shatner at his Finest”

  1. It’s funny, I watched this again just the other day when I was trawling YouTube. And I thought Nimoy’s acting was as good as Shatner’s was …… It must have been excruciating.


  2. Therese, I love your love of and for Star Trek !

    Your friend,


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