Wideo Wednesday 1/30/13 The Lion in Winter

Here  in the deep cold of winter, I thought I’d feature a few scenes from one of my favorite movies of all time to cozy up with.  I think I’ve memorized most of the dialogue in The Lion in Winter, (1968) if you’ve never seen it , rent or Netflix it now!  Every performance s sterling. Especially O’Toole and Hepburn.

2 thoughts on “Wideo Wednesday 1/30/13 The Lion in Winter

  1. Extraordinary. For years and years Lion in Winter was my absolute favourite film. The dialogue and the acting was so sharp it could cut you. ‘Every family has its ups and downs’…..’We’re a knowledgable family’…. Are there any other long term faves we have in common, I wonder; this is getting silly!

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