The Daily Scrapbook 11/13/12 Original Trek Listings — Obsessive or What?

Good morning, Scrappers! Here’s today’s flashback:  So obsessed was I with Trek in the 1970’s, I actually made two pages in my scrapbook devoted to the original Star Trek listings, which were plentiful since it was on at least 6 times a week!  I included almost every listing in original broadcast order (!)  Yet at the time, Imissed two, The Naked Time and A Taste of Armageddon, but that didn’t matter at the time. After all, full TV Guide listings for Star Trek were always going to be around, weren’t they? 😉   Looking back now, it’s an archive, so maybe my time on this wasn’t wasted after all, eh?

(You’ll note that in the upper left is a clipping of an ad for an ATM plastic model kit of the Enterprise, my brother had one of these, and the words STAR TREK are from a convention flyer I had laying around)

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