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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick 2016

FArFri: Women of Star Trek by Jason Potratz

Sorry I’m a little late this week — for this week’s Fan Art, here’s three lovely representations of  Nurse Chapel, Lt. Uhura, and Yeoman Rand by artist Jason Potratz.  Nice to see Yeoman Rand, who isn’t often seen in Fan Art, and I also like Uhura’s expression; as if she’s really about to give someone what for!

woman_of_star_trek___n__chapel_by_melanarus-d2y5scx woman_of_star_trek___uhura_by_melanarus-d2y5tnp woman_of_star_trek_janice_rand_by_melanarus-d2y5t7l

FArF: Uhura by Pocketuti

In honor of Women’s History Month, I can’t think of a better way to start than with this First Lady of Star Trek — Uhura!  I love this pen work by pocketuti!  Her eyes, the serene smile, perfection! ❤ (and pen is hard to draw with)  The artist does many wonderful face portraits, check her out here.


Help Adam Nimoy Make “For the Love of Spock”

Adam Nimoy, (Leonard’s Son) is working hard to make his documentary “For the Love of Spock” a reality by 2016, which is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek!  However, it takes gobs of money, especially in regards to using any images related to the Original Series, and unfortunately, even being the SON of Mr. Spock doesn’t get you any favors!  Adam needs to raise  $600,000 by JULY 1st to achieve this goal.  He’s begun Kickstarter promotion to raise the needed funds.  Please help Adam achieve the dream of both him and his wonderful late father.  If everyone who loved Leonard Nimoy even pitched in a dollar, we’d have this paid off in a day!

Please be sure to watch this promotional video, and donate what you can.  This will be a wonderful documentary, and a fine tribute to the Vulcan and marvelous Human Being we all love so dearly!   Thanks, and GOOD LUCK ADAM!  ❤    (I donated!)