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FArFri 2/1/13 Romantic Trek Art all February!

All this month FArFri is celebrating Trek Romance!   Here’s the delightful ‘Be My Knight in Shining Armor” by artist  nieregreenleaf  on DeviantArt.


Wideo Wednesday 1/9/13

Yesterday , January 8th, would have been Elvis’ Birthday — in that spirit, here’s a couple of videos showing the Elvis/Star Trek connection! (Well, some of  the Elvis movies and Star Trek were both made by Paramount, so that’s not too surprising!) I always thought Kirk was the Elvis of the Galaxy!

Toon Tuesday 1/8/13– Viva Las Shore Leave! Dr. Presley is in!

Since today would have been Elvis’ 78th Birthday, and since he made many of his movies at Paramount, and since his natural swagger would have made him a perfect Starfleet swinger, this seemed appropriate!   If Elvis was The Enterprise’s Cheif Medical Officer, he would have given Kirk a run for his money!   These girls belong in Viva Las Vegas! anyway!

Liva Las Shore Leave!