Just Twelve More Bernies…

Yes, Yes, I know there’s a bunch out there, but I got some requests to make some more, plus I got a few more ideas and couldn’t resist! (Terribly addicting!) I especially enjoyed modifying Bernie and sometimes the other characters into the style of the photo or painting! Bernie as a Bedrock Character or how all of The Beatles are wearing Bernie’s mittens! Back to my regularly scheduled Trek stuff soon! Enjoy! Therese 🙂

3 responses to “Just Twelve More Bernies…

  1. Kid Charlemagne

    Off topic–but on the other hand, this thread is tagged “Fun and Silliness”:

    Picture by Naver (I would not know how to create this). Text is mine.

    “Mr. Spock.”


    “Why is one of our cargo holds full of plush dolls?”

    “An unexplained malfunction of the fabricators, sir. Mr. Scott and a team are already working on the problem of the Komari plushies.”

    “The what?”

    “The specific name of this type of doll, sir, is ‘Komari plushie’. They originated in the early 21st Century on an animated Japanese television series, named “Non Non Biyori”. One of the characters expressed her admiration for her friend, named Komari, by making plush dolls which looked like Komari. A demand for the dolls arose in the real world, and a toy company obtained the license to produce them. They remain popular with Terran children to this day, long after the series has come and gone.”

    “I had no idea you knew so much about Terran toys, Mr. Spock.”

    “My mother was given one when she was a small girl, sir. It remained a prized possession of hers long after she ceased to play with it. She brought it to Vulcan as a souvenir of Earth.”

    “Oh. I should have guessed that. Now would you help me climb out of here?”

    “Of course, Captain.”

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  2. I just found this on YouTube a little while ago.

    Be amazed.

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  3. Kid, you always find cool stuff! Thank you!

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