#76 – “Requiem For Methuselah”

Getting close to the end!  Here’s Requiem for Methuselah – I always felt bad for sweet Rayna (as heart-fully played by the beautiful Louise Sorel) and Kirk was so selfish.  But Flint was really a tragic character, and so well acted by James Daly.  Note all of Flint’s reincarnations on the wall! And my apologies to Eric Clapton for borrowing his lyrics here, but they seemed so appropriate!

Only 3 left, Thanks for your support!  You can see all my poster to date here.

76-Requiem for Methusalah

3 responses to “#76 – “Requiem For Methuselah”

  1. Are these posters for sale? If so, how much?

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    • Hi Marc, Great question! Unfortunately I do not sell these posters because I use copyrighted images here, and would not like or risk to be in violation of them. However, you can download it and print it up yourself if you like. Believe me, if I could make a little money on these I would! Wish I could put them in a book! Thanks your your interest and I’m glad you enjoy them!
      By the way, last month I came across someone who actually PIRATED my posters, REMOVED my name, date, and URL, and was selling them on eBay as part of a set!!! I contacted the seller and insisted that they cease and desist. Fortunately they did, but I think they were surprised that I caught them. They promised they’d never use the images again, and I’m holding them to that! Thanks again for you comment, and enjoy!-Therese


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