Monthly Archives: September 2012

George (Takei) of the Jungle!

I’m a week early here, but I just posted this on FB and I wanted it to be here too!  Enjoy!   George had a section on his Facebook page called “If I ran Hollywood”  and it inspired me to make this! (Naturally!)  I don’t know if George will keep it there, but I hope he likes it!  See you next Monday – Therese

Mark Your Calendars for Sept. 24! Two weeks to go until I’m back!

Hey Kids! I’ve been taking my time off from posting here to organize and create a bunch of new stuff when I come back on Monday, September 24!  Looking forward to sharing new fun Trek stuff with you then!  New categories, favorite Trek and other videos, Fan Art, and of course – the reason this blog was created –  you will soon see inside my old, one of a kind, TREKKER SCRAPBOOKS from the 1970’s and a few surprises!

Please post a comment to let me know you’re still here!

See you soon! Therese